40"w x 16"h x 1.5"d
Acrylic on canvas

Dreams clutched tight within aching hands, stifled and suffocating under the pressure of my fingers...afraid to let go. Tired, cramped muscles weakening, I unfurl my grasp; hopes released faithfully into the unknown.... I fear. I sing praise for gifts of dreams tucked away, and joy growing with hopes possible. I fill with peace. The heavens part, the light floods - my future caught within. Peace lingering, together we wait....


I'm still uncertain as to how I want to finish this one, but it began as a "leftover paint" canvas, using paint from other projects, and I have a few fun ideas "swimming" in my head.. teehehe. =]

So far, acrylic on canvas. 16" x 20"

The Tulips Sing

"The Tulips Sing"
2o"w x16"h x1"d

Acrylic on canvas


Mother's Love

To switch it up a bit, I want to post this fun piece I did over the weekend.  My mom is an amazing painter specializing in ceramics, and I have many memories of sitting around the dining table painting together.  I've missed that, so when I heard they were coming to stay for a few days, I requested a ceramic date. ; ]  Thanks mom.