This Is Me

Hello, and welcome here.  

I am a young artist, wife, and mommy, with much to learn.  As I  grow, struggle, and thrive, I am filled with love…and with that, an overflowing desire to create! 

Here, you will experience my art, reading glimpses into my life as I share the stories hiding beneath the layers of paint.  

I started this blog as a means to archive my creative ventures and projects, intending to keep it "light".  Though, as I began to find my groove I grew to realize that I really don't know how to separate my art from my everyday, whilst staying true to character.  If you are looking for a deeper perspective into what drives me, you may find more of that at FINDING JOY IN THE JOURNEY, where I delve into daily struggles with fear, a deeper sense of identity, learning who God is through it all.  

Otherwise, here you will find an array of projects and thoughts such as re-purposed projects, photographs, paintings, and home decor before-and-afters as I work through each room of this house--finding new ways to express myself, as the inspiration flows!

We are all on a journey, being transformed as we float/stumble/gallop--whatever it may be--through our circumstances.  My art is an expression of my life as I learn what it means to soar on the wings of an eagle…beauty revealed, with fears let go.

I hope to fill these archives, but if the creativity isn’t flowing it could either mean that I am arguing with a strong-willed 2yr old, listening to a chatty 6yr old, chasing a 5 yr old, cuddling a toddler, or supporting a leader…or stuck (in which case, nudges of encouragement are welcome!). Thank you for your patience as I tweak and develop this site, learning through the bumps of trial and error!

Joy Billings
Winnipeg, MB

You may contact me via email at:

Your Comments 

I would also like to say that I value your comments.  I may not know how to respond to each and every one, but all are appreciated.  Yes, it is true I paint for the pure joy of self-expression; but I also feel that this is one avenue I have been given to let the light of the Spirit shine through me.  Your encouragement is such an important role in inspiration to keep putting myself out there, and your comments keep me grounded to the responsibilities of my gift....