Wait...are those excuses I hear?!

Hello blog.  It is a pleasure being re-acquainted, and I am so sorry for the way I have neglected you.

You see, lots has been going on since we last chatted, and in that, I have managed to come up with many very legitimate excuses as to why we are better off with some distance between us.  But, at the end of the day, what I really need to remember is that you, dear friend, are what holds me accountable to processing my thoughts, and expressing my feelings, and being myself.  And though I have often wondered the point of our relationship, and doubt that you have even noticed my absence, I have been learning a few things...important things, I believe, to my personal well-being.

Oh, come on...don't tell me that you aren't the least bit curious...?

Well, here you have it then:  Instead of pining over the things I do not have to share with you, (ie. awesome artwork that will blow your mind!) and therefore proving that I am indeed discontent in this here life; the least I could do for myself (oh, right--and our relationship, of course) is share with you what has been keeping me busy, and creative...and happy!

So, cheers to do-overs, and new beginnings...determination on slower-than-snot, corrupted computers...saying "Yes!" to scary opportunities, and "Hell's No!" to the "defeated perfectionist" in me...and to kicking lousy "feee-lings" to the curb, and spending every day trying, if that means simply trying to know better in each presented moment!

I have sooo got this! (And thank you for your support! ;) )

And on that note, we have so much to catch up on!!

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