Furniture, Paint, and Ambitions Up and Coming..

With this past weekend being curbside "giveaway" weekend we were finally able to rid ourselves of the monstrous dining table eating up my basement "studio" space.... Yet, of course, I managed to find a few new freebie projects to replace it with. (Hubby, perhaps not nearly as excited as I am.) ; ] Next to pencil on paper, I am discovering a new favorite medium--paint on wood. Furniture in particular. =]

I've decided that since my creative time will be largely dedicated to actually trying to complete these projects, I would like to also post them here! I hope that simply sharing this process with you will be the extra "oomph" I require to get the ball rolling.... Also, when the Garden Candy dream began, it started out as a vision to rejuvenate and bring to life the potential of old and forgotten gems of the past.
I am hoping to get started soon...!