Where have all the mosquitoes gone?

So many dragonflies this summer...such a gift! I find myself amazed at the amount of mosquitoes I've encountered this season...the fact that I can count those experiences on 1 hand, yet my hands remain unmarked by the pesky itchy bumps!

Sometimes, I am a little too eager to write off all bugs as pests, but it only takes a dragonfly landing on my foot to remind me that without certain bugs, and sometimes a LOT of them, the situation could be much worse. As in life, I lose perspective over the little nuisances that interrupt my picnic...but lets face it, there would be no picnic if the dragonflies weren't protecting me from the blood-thirsty mosquitoes!

I hope you are enjoying your summer days, outdoors, and bug-free...or should I say, mosquito-free, dragonfly-filled!

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