Something Different

"What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself - life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose." ~Willa Cather

I only have a few minutes, but I wanted to pop in and feel like I was still somewhat connected to my creative self! This has been a busy, tiring week of exciting t.v. show making...but as I have spent the last few days with a film crew, I have to say that I have really grown to appreciate the creative collaboration that goes into any production, however (in)significant, it's been quite an amazing experience to watch. Very thankful for the experience, and if nothing else, to witness other creative folks work their magic. ;)


"Ugly Potholders", and "What Goes Here..?"

This summer I've been running around the house like a crazy chicken trying to organize, sort, purge, beautify...prepare the roost for yet another little one! The nesting instinct is especially strong with me this time around, as I often wonder how we are going to fit yet another body (and all of it's accessories) in our already bulging seems..!

I have had an empty curtain rod on my kitchen window for at least a year now, and have been considering, and reconsidering what exactly it is I need to put up there...trying to use fabrics from my stock pile...plain panels, roman blinds, patterned or not..? The only problem is, nothing is quite large enough so it means measuring and re-measuring, and piecing things together...arrgh. And I just don't have that kind of patience for my sewing machine right now! (I imagine I'll be back later for opinions on that one.. ;)

Soooo....through some bizarre hormonal logic, and overwhelming feelings of un-accomplishment, I needed to make pot holders instead. I call them my ugly pot holders because my intention was to make them in as few steps as possible, with as little measuring as possible (or stitch-ripping), and I certainly wasn't going to bother with the ironing board! :) I like them. The fabric is an old sweaty dress shirt of my hubby's..but I didn't use the sweaty parts, so no worries. ;)

And after 5 years of not having anything up on our bedroom walls, I also decided that it was very important that I hang up the kids' baby footprints..and this is what I came up with. I see now, they look a little crooked...

But I ask you, which looks better, the grey canvas, or the red clay piece (both the same kid, so it doesn't matter if 1 doesn't make the cut ;)? And I also ask you...what do I put in the frames??! (I have some purple, green, and black craft papers, or do I stick with the monochromatic look? Such a trivial question, I know, but you that have been pregnant will surely understand how it is so incredibly important that I get it right! Teehee.. ;) Rrelp! Thanks for your help, it's needed and appreciated!!


Where have all the mosquitoes gone?

So many dragonflies this summer...such a gift! I find myself amazed at the amount of mosquitoes I've encountered this season...the fact that I can count those experiences on 1 hand, yet my hands remain unmarked by the pesky itchy bumps!

Sometimes, I am a little too eager to write off all bugs as pests, but it only takes a dragonfly landing on my foot to remind me that without certain bugs, and sometimes a LOT of them, the situation could be much worse. As in life, I lose perspective over the little nuisances that interrupt my picnic...but lets face it, there would be no picnic if the dragonflies weren't protecting me from the blood-thirsty mosquitoes!

I hope you are enjoying your summer days, outdoors, and bug-free...or should I say, mosquito-free, dragonfly-filled!