Mother's Love

To switch it up a bit, I want to post this fun piece I did over the weekend.  My mom is an amazing painter specializing in ceramics, and I have many memories of sitting around the dining table painting together.  I've missed that, so when I heard they were coming to stay for a few days, I requested a ceramic date. ; ]  Thanks mom.

Initially, I wasn't too sure about the elephants and their placement in my home, but the more I thought about it, the more perfect it became.  One thing I don't often boast about is that I have always been crazy about elephants--especially through my teenage years-- and although surrounding myself with them has become a thing of the past, they still make me smile.

The apparent beauty of this piece is clear when you look at the protective positioning of the mother over her babe, and the babe's reciprocated adoration towards it's nurturer....  It then became obvious as to where this belonged-- Baby's room. =]  But for me, there is a hidden beauty in this piece, put into action that which is represented.  My mom hand-picked these elephants, as someone remembering the long neglected musings of my heart.

In the little things that oft go unnoticed, are we apt to find the love we have missed. 

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