Little Hobo Desk

Here is my newest addition to our already crowded living space...my new desk! But let's face it...I couldn't say no to so much FREE potential! (Found abandoned under a pile of trinkets and fake plants on the curb, during what is becoming my new favorite weekend in Wpg.. "giveaway weekend" =])

Before: You may not be able to see it, but this desk was stained red, covered with a coat of yellow, and then again brown with a faux wood grain finish.

During: I sanded with the only sandpaper I could find in the house, primed 2 coats, and painted 2 white coats. I was going to "antique" it with a brown glaze, but ended up "distressing" it with my sandpaper, revealing the red/yellow/brown character filled layers beneath... If only I had thought of this BEFORE priming and painting...I could have saved myself a few steps! I then opted to glaze with my favorite blue paint, just because the red and brown peaking through were a little too stark against the white for my liking... Oh! And a coat of polyvinyl to protect it...I know how I am with my coffees!

And After:

Can't see the red peeking through so much in the photos, but it's there.
So much fun. =]


Anonymous said...

Joy, you are amazing and so talented! keep the projects coming, I love to see your work :)

Jules said...

Love it!