Acrylic on canvas, 16"h x20"w
Commissioned piece

I am so excited to share this piece.  It is one of my most recent, telling a story of shame, healing, and self-love...a woman's journey.

Having grown into her own worst critic, she hides her face in a shroud of shyness...hurting inside by the shame of her insecurity.  Why can't she be more captivating?  Why does the fear paralyze her so?  The questions that haunt her mind, throwing her deeper into a world of self-doubt and inadequacy, emerge again as she looks into the world....  To her left, a beautiful flower dances confident in her presence...and to her right, another blossom sways gracefully in the winds.  Why, oh why can't she be free to dance amongst the others?

As she looks upon herself, she squeezes her eyes shut, afraid to sort through the stains inked permanently onto her wounded spirit.  Yet as she weeps, she can't help but peer inside, overcome with a deep sense that she is in there, somewhere.  ...The woman she wishes she could be.

Looking inside herself, she stops upon her blemishes.  Too afraid to enter, yet desperate to find her, she tears through the walls put up to guard them....  Breaking through the barriers, at last her heart is exposed; uncovering a miracle.  Upon her heart her eyes find rest, captured by a dazzling portrait painted masterfully with the colors of her past.

The colors she feared, released into the light...so beautiful.  She is amazed.  It is her, and it is now that she is free to dance.


Anonymous said...

joy, that is so beautiful and the painting is beautiful as well. Wait...you are truly beautiful :-)
Love ya,

James & Kim said...

This is a beautiful story and the painting reflects it so well. I love it! You are very talented!!
Kim Driedger

Krista said...

Wow Joy. the beauty and courage you put into your painting and the story are truly amazing. It seems that God is truly doing a good work in you! What a blessing you are to Him and all those who have the pleasure of knowing you.