Graceful Presence

"Graceful Presence"
Acrylic on canvas, 16"w x 20"h x1"d

This could just be my favorite, inspired by a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine, an inquisitive spirit--always challenging, questioning, observing--a few of the many reasons I love her!  It was during this particular conversation that I was the one being challenged; but of course I sat speechless on the topic, unable to put words to tongue.  I could only pick up my brush to portray what I feel....

Pain. Anger. Self. Greed. Abandonment. Loneliness. Sorrow. Disease. Grief. Hate. Fear....  This is what fills our communities, our world, our memories, and we stand alone, pleading "Why?!"  I still find myself speechless as I try to relay my thoughts, perhaps because my hope cannot definitely be explained...my hope burrows much deeper then behind a simple "answer".

Where there is pain, we find healing; and upon understanding all of these circumstances, I have also been blessed to know their counters....joy, sacrifice, community, generosity, love, relationship, peace, restoration, forgiveness, encouragement....   In the midst of our pain and encompassed in darkness, perspective prevents us from knowing hope...but how incredible would it be to step outside of ourselves, into a world lit with hope and new life?  I believe such a world exists, and in faith we are granted access to such perspective.  Faith in a supernatural power, a love, a grace so perfect it traded its purity for our shame, releasing us of our broken hearts....  Hope is present, but without faith we lack the eyes to see it...although once we do, the shimmer of its intimate presence captivates.

So much more to be said yet I struggle to find the words that speak justice to the emotion, so I wish to end with a prayer that sits heavy on my heart with each look into this piece ~ May your heart find the answers that this world cannot offer.


Jules said...

wow - your dear friend must be completely honoured to be your inspiration. your thoughts are so raw yet so eloquent; so simple yet multi-faceted... just like your art!!!
love this one. it reminds me of you :)

Rea said...

Where is the "like" button? :)

Andrea said...

Like Julie said, your dear friend must feel very honored. I have so much to learn from you Joy, you are a very wise person, and your prayer hit home. Thank you so much for opening yourself up through this blog and making yourself so vulnerable. It is very inspirational.